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STRONG Ballsbridge

Welcome to STRONG Ballsbridge.

We are the first Studio in Ireland to bring the STRONG experience to you.

At STRONG Ballsbridge you can experience the ultimate workout, guided by our passionate and professional trainers. STRONG Pilates brings you a full body workout that’s high intensity and low-impact, combining part resistance and part row or ride.

STRONG Pilates brings you a fitness experience with more. Enjoy a post workout eucalyptus soaked towel, a recovery area, and luxurious changing rooms. STRONG Ballsbridge is located within Fianna Athletic Club, the perfect place to escape hectic Dublin.


  • Changing Rooms (Showers, Toilets, Vanity units with Dyson hair dryers, straighteners and curler)
  • Recovery Spa (Sauna, Ice tubs, Chillout Area)
  • Recovery Room (Netflix, Normatec Compression Boots and Upper Body, and Massager Guns)
  • Nutrition & Treatment Services
  • Coffee & Smoothie Bar
  • Co-Working Space

Meet the Team

Elena and Grant

Studio Owners


There’s more to strong than muscles.

There’s strong minds, bodies, friendships, and beats.

There’s the kind of strong that starts on the inside and shines through to the outside.

That gets up before the second alarm and gets down to get more. More out of your workout, more out of your week, more out of your life.


STRONG: a fitness experience with more. 45 minutes of pilates-inspired resistance training with a side of rowing. A different class each day, all day.
Are you down?
[email protected]
0852 622 350
Elm Park Green, Merrion Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, D04 FY58


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